With the 2018 edition of 100 Days of Running, as per event rules, we do not allow submission of any run data beyond 10 days of the run. The intent of this rule was to:

a) Keep participants regular with their data submissions
b) Have the 100 days platform as a live and active place, where runners get to see each others progress regularly, and up-to-date stats
c) Discourage fake data entries in bulk

With the introduction of automatic Strava imports in the 2018 edition, and the launch of support for importing verified user runs in the system, we thought it would be appropriate to relax this rule IF the participants have verified data on their Strava account. So, today, we are allowing backdated submission of your run data subject to following conditions:

Requirements for importing backdated run

1. The run should have GPS data, i.e. it should be done using a GPS enabled app or watch.

2. The run should be available in your Strava account, and should have GPS data (it should have a map displayed in Strava). If you don’t have a Strava account yet, create one now and transfer/export your saved run from your existing running app like Runkeeper, Runtastic, Endomondo, etc to your Strava account. For that, you will need to download the GPS file from your app (or app website) to your computer, and upload the GPS file to your Strava account. Or, follow these instructions from Strava.

3. The runs in your Strava account should be public. Check your privacy settings, and make all runs public. You may be required to make your account public in account privacy settings, and also edit the concerned run activity and disabling the privacy checkbox. Make sure to check at both places, account and run. Once you do this, logout from Strava and confirm you are still able to see the runs you want to import.

Do not proceed with point #4 below till you have verified your run is public by logging out of Strava and opening activity link directly while you are logged out.

4. You should have connected your 100 Days of Running account to your Strava account using the Connect to Strava section in the participant dashboard.

5. Run should have GPS data. Runs without any GPS data (like the Nike Run Club app data export from NRC app to Strava using some tools, or any run that you manually enter on Strava) will not be eligible for this backdated import outside the 10-day window. Sure shot way to confirm if run has GPS data is to see if a map is being displayed along with the run details. No map = no GPS = no import.

How to import backdated runs from Strava?

1. Login to your account on the participant page.

2. Click on the Connect to Strava link.

3. Select the date for which you want to import data from Strava (only those dates will be visible for which no data already exists in your 100 Days of Running account already).

4. Click on the Import button to import that run. Remember that only GPS runs, with a minimum 2km for the day will be imported (including multiple runs for the day if available). No rides, or manual run data will be imported. Note: We have a bug which is preventing imports of run exactly 2km in distance. This will be fixed very soon.

5. You can import only one day run data at a time, not several days together in one go.