Introducing the ability to flag bad runs. This is available only via computer and not your phone/mobile interface.

Now this is something many of you had been demanding for a long time, and finally it is here. You can now mark any run with an activity link as bad by flagging it. Once you flag it, our moderators will review flagged runs on a regular basis (not immediately) and disable the run if there is sufficient ground.

Why would you flag a run?

* Activity link not public
* Pace is not realistic
* Submitted date different from activity date
* Activity is a ride
* Submitted distance more than activity distance
* Submitted link not an activity link

Runners whose runs will get flagged will be provided opportunity to change that if they have sufficient and valid reasons.

You can do run flagging from the new “Reports” section besides the Connect to Strava link under the Participant page visible to only the event participants (not the public Reports section visible to all). See image below for reference. Under reports, go into any of the reports, locate the user and the bad run for that user and click on the small flag icon besides the run to flag it.

Step 1: Visit new reports tab under Participant page

Step 2: Locate the bad run for participant and click on flag icon

Runs without any activity link cannot be flagged since we are just trusting runners with that data.

What happens when you flag a run?

  • Our organizing team receives info on the flagged runs
  • We may disable the flagged run if we think there is an issue. We send an email to the user about the same, providing them an opportunity to resolve the problem. If they can take any corrective action to our satisfaction, we may re-enable the run later
  • We may not take any action on the flagged run if it looks fine to us
  • At this time, there is no feedback system with the runner who flagged the run. This is a gap which we would like to address in future

Hopefully, this is going to improve the quality of data submitted by participants, and deter people from knowingly submitting bad data.