If you use the popular running app called Strava (it’s free, available on Android Play Store and Apple Store) for tracking your runs, you can use our auto-import feature which can automatically import your daily runs from your Strava account to the 100 Days of Running (HDOR) account without the need to submit your run data manually everyday. Here is how you can enable this logging in to your HDOR account on computer or mobile (not on HDOR app, this will not work there).

Use of Strava app is mainly recommended for below reasons:

  • Automatic sync Strava app data to HDOR website (no other app data is currently supported for automatic sync to HDOR)
  • Run/walk multiple times a day (you can only do this with Strava connect, no other option or app is supported)

Make your Strava account privacy settings to Public

1. Open your Strava account on computer or mobile and ensure account privacy settings in Strava are set to public. Go to Settings >> Privacy Controls >> Who Can See and change various settings to “Everyone” (below screenshot is for computer, but you can see similar settings on Strava mobile app also).

2. Ensure runs are done using app and not entered by hand as a manual entry. Manual entries will NOT be imported. A good test for what will be imported is to look for a map. If you see a map besides your activity, it means it was recorded using a GPS app, and will be imported if it is a public activity.

Process to setup Strava auto-import

Do below steps on HDOR website (either on mobile or computer, not on HDOR app) after logging in.

Step 1: Go to your profile section in your HDOR account


On mobile devices, this step may look a little different. Look for the small 3 horizontal lines icon on the top right after you have signed in to your HDOR account. That’s your menu. Click on it and locate the item called ‘Settings’. Your ‘Profile’ is under the Settings section.

Step 2: Go to the bottom of the profile section, expand the App connect section, and click on the toggle button besides Strava in that section.

Step 3: Authorize your account to connect to Strava by clicking on the Authorize button in the form which opens up as below.

Step 4: Confirm that the connect to Strava is now complete, the toggle should turn blue as seen below.

Once you connect your 100 Days of Running account with Strava, the system will automatically get your daily runs recorded in your Strava account imported to your 100 Days Of Running account.

When does import of your run happen?

Your Strava run data will not be immediately imported to 100 Days of Running. Each run activity import is expected to happen within 24 hours of the actual run (usually it happens within 8 hours). Please give it time.

If multiple activities for a day were found in your Strava account, all the activities will be imported. If a manually entered activity for a day is already found on 100 Days of Running when importing from Strava, the activity will not be imported.

If you face poor quality of Strava recording, less distance, bad GPS, etc, please refer to this article to resolve your Strava issues.

Troubleshooting Strava Import Issues

If you followed all the steps correctly, your runs on Strava should sync to HDOR dashboard. However, if you waited for 24 hours and your run still did not import, please follow the below process to troubleshoot the issue:

  1. Confirm that you have not entered the activity by hand on Strava. Manually added time/distance data without using app is not imported to HDOR.
  2. Confirm that you have not manually added data on HDOR for the same day for which data is there on Strava. If you do that, then our import system will not import the said run from Strava.
  3. Confirm that the run is not a ‘tagged’ run, which means you ran with someone else without your own app/device, and then the other person tagged you on his/her run so that the activity is now visible in your Strava dashboard. We do no import tagged runs, you need to submit this data manually in HDOR dashboard.
  4. Copy your Strava activity link (an activity link is of the form https://www.strava.com/activities/2322875079 or if you copied from your mobile Strava app, then something like this: https://strava.app.link/TkxzVIRhfW)
  5. Go to a computer ideally, and make sure you have logged out of your Strava account. Verify that by going to strava.com and confirming that it does not open your dashboard
  6. Open the same problem link now on on your computer browser
  7. If the link opens successfully, there should not be any issue. You are all set.
  8. If the link displays some error, usually a server error, then there is issue with visibility of your link
  9. Check again if your Strava account is showing “Everyone” under the Privacy Controls >> Who Can See as mentioned in the beginning of this article
  10. If above looks fine, then check if there is a privacy issue with that specific run (this happens when initially your account was private, and you did a run, and then you made the account public. In this case your run will still remain private and will not be imported unless the run privacy settings are edited to make it visible to everyone)
  11. Edit the run activity by logging into your Strava account (on mobile app or website) and change privacy to “Everyone” here also. Do this for each affected run. See the screenshots below which are from the Strava website on computer. Mobile app or website view will be slightly different but should be easy to figure out.

Open problem link on computer


Edit privacy settings

Disconnecting wrongly connected Strava account

If by mistake you connected your HDOR account to a wrong Strava account (which may be another Strava account you might have created but no longer using, or Strava account of one of your family members), refer to the below instructions to fix this problem:

  1. Login to HDOR account
  2. On a computer preferably, logout of all Strava accounts. If on mobile, logout of all Strava accounts from browser as well as Strava app
  3. Go to Connected Apps section on HDOR website and disconnect your currently connected Strava account. See that the blue toggle has turned to grey now.
  4. Login on your Strava app or via Strava website to the correct Strava account
  5. From Connected Apps section on HDOR website, click on the grey toggle to connect to the right Strava account. See that the Strava details after connecting are correct, including the Strava id (click on the link to confirm) as well as confirm that the toggle is blue again.

Important: This is a beta/early version of our Strava account connectivity. Please be aware that there might be unforeseen issues retrieving your Strava run data. You are requested to watch for your latest activities on your runner dashboard and if you see a run not imported within 24 hours, then manually add those run details.