Now that 100 days of running is just around the corner,  event coach Ian Dexter Ladbrooke shares his top 10 tips to get you through.

1. Do not be over ambitious with the number of km’s / day that you try to run, over tiredness comes up on you fast if you bit off more than you can chew

2. Try to run early morning as its easier to be tempted to miss in the evening when your tired, set your alarm 45 mins earlier than normal and have a cuppa before you run

3. Healthy diet and good carbs are important you will expend a lot of energy in the next 100 days

4. Stretch before and after every run

5. Avoid using new shoes to quickly, walk them in before running, the last thing you need is a big bad blister

6. Try to motivate friends/family to join you if not for the whole 100 days , at least for 2/3 days a week as with company you are less likely to bail out

7. Ice any niggles 2/3 times a day ….. don’t ignore them

8. Plan ahead, if you know you have a business trip work out when you will run on travel days and make that extra effort

9. Form a small group of friends online to motivate/nag each other

10. Think of the benefits of 100 days of running and how much fitter and leaner you will be at the end of the challenge