Planning to run multiple times a day? Remember, our data submit system can accept only a single entry per day when manually submitting data on the website. So, how do you submit multiple runs then?

Process for Strava users

Make sure your run data is available on Strava and connect your Strava account to your 100 Days of Running account (instructions here). Our Strava data import system will automatically take care of importing your multiple runs for the day.

Process for non-Strava users

Assuming you are either not using Strava, or you are using some app from which data is not automatically exported to Strava, you need to follow the below process:

Step 1: Download the multiple activity files from your app or app website

Most apps (or the website for the app, like Strava) support download of your run activity. Download the multiple activity files for your runs for a particular day. The downloaded files may be named something like .gpx, .tcx, or .fit file, these being the common formats).

Step 2: Upload your run data to your Strava account

Create a Strava account at if you already don’t have one. Upload your downloaded activities to your Strava account by clicking on the “+” button on your Strava dashboard page (this button is on the top right of the page), and then click on “Upload activity” and upload each file for your multiple runs for the same day you downloaded earlier.

Step 3: Wait for Strava import to happen

Make sure you have connected your Strava account to 100 Days of Running account. Your activity details for the multiple runs in the day should be automatically imported to your 100 days account within 24 hours.