Official coach for the event, Ian Ladbrooke, shares his thoughts on why we should run a 100 days, and why it is a healthy and positive activity.

As I was doing my training session this morning, 54th day in a row I was thinking over a few points and regular questions that I see when chatting about 100 Days of Running, a common one that comes up is

“Coach, is it good for the body to run for 100 days without a rest day ? “

I was also thinking about how many runners in India (Delhi especially) drop out of running during the summer and then they struggle to regain fitness when they come back in a panic mode to train for ADHM. 100 days of running is awesome and this is why.

Be sensible with your goals

My answer here is simple, its fine as long as you are sensible with your goals and ambitions. I have already cautioned a few people who have little running background and are saying they will run 21 km a day. This has no sense at all and will no doubt end in injury/tears … the idea of 100 days of running is not to boast about running longest/fastest. It’s about personal goals and fitness, its about loving the challenge and running with a smile on your face, not tape and bandages everywhere.

Spread your weekly mileage

If you approach this in a sensible way and spread your normal weekly mileage over 7 days instead of 3 to 4 days, maybe increase by a small amount, then its not going to have any detrimental effects. The minimum daily dose is 2km … and lets face it that’s barely a warm up jog, its a matter of making time and even on those short days doing a little stretch before and after, I’m here to guide you guys, and I’m more than happy to help structure your programs.

Eat, sleep, stretch

If you eat well, sleep enough, stretch and listen to your body, then this period will set you up perfectly for races in the coming season. Or if you are a beginner, its a great opportunity to go from walking to jogging to running…. I personally have done 100+ days every year for last 5 years normally starting at the beginning of the year to motivate myself to retain a healthy lifestyle while being very busy with my work …. its also a good way to motivate my trainees.

Great motivation

The biggest attraction of doing 100 days is the great motivation the challenge gives, in the form of a goal you can look forward to, every day of those 100 days. It motivates you to keep moving, it is a learning experience where your body is getting tuned to go out daily for a run. It is a path towards a fitter lifestyle by riding on the 100 days challenge to make running a part of your life! This is specially try for absolute beginners who have this fear inside that they can never run.

In a nutshell as long as you are healthy and have done some preparation in the last few weeks and you approach it in a sensible way 100 days of running is an awesome thing to do! All the best!