Age is never a factor, as long as you have the will to reach out for new goals. Madan Trivedi from Noida was inspired to take on the 100 days of running challenge at 58, and made it through all the hurdles that life throws at you when you do anything crazy like this.

The youthful 58!

While continuing with the monotony of the daily life, I finally let loose only to browse through my Facebook timeline, when I stumbled upon this quote, “Set goals that scare and excite you at the same time.” At moments like this, life actually hits you right on the face and then you start questioning everything that has ever happened and will happen to you as you grow older and present slowly turns into just a string of moments that you might (or mightn’t) remember.

At the youthful age of just 58, what more can you expect from life than unceasing reminders of days that have passed and days that are yet to come, isn’t it? That’s how I thought before I finally started thinking about myself and realized how important it is to love yourself first; and it came to me through my running shoes and a resurrection of an old dream of becoming a sportsman. I still remember the days when life was all about playing hockey and bunking classes. However, today is not the day to talk about the bygones; it’s a day to celebrate an achievement that had been on my mind since I came across the 100 days run-challenge. Life has not been the same since.

The journey started on 29th April’17 and although I have been into running and sports almost all my life, taking up this challenge was quite overwhelming for me. To make it more exhilarating, I set a goal of running over 1000 Km in 100 days. My family was constantly nagging me to not over-strain myself (out of love, of course), but then what is life but a series of challenges to overcome and win over! During this period of 100 days, I feel that I have lived my life to the fullest; come rain or shine, I ran and ran and just ran. I believe that the thrill of facing the challenges eye to eye is what we all must enjoy the most and that’s what I did.

On the 42nd day, I had to travel to Haridwar for a marriage function for a week and that was the fun part because with less sleep and a lot of work to do, I took out time to run at least 3 to 5 km everyday that week. At another time, I was down with viral fever and my wife was totally against me going for a run. However, a challenge is a challenge; I tried to cover at least 12 Km every day. Certainly, it was exhausting to run while down with fever; but it’s equally and even more fulfilling and satisfying to realize how strong both emotionally and physically you have become when you work hard to complete a challenge.

The 100 days challenge has not only made me believe more in myself and in my strength, but it has also made me realize the importance of never giving up on anything in life! I ran for 10, 15 and even 21 Km daily sometimes and instead of feeling tired or exhausted, I used to feel as fresh as ever and energetic daily. I believe it was the motivation and the will to run and complete the challenge of reaching 1000 Km that kept me going.

During the last few days of the 100 days challenge, I had to go for a family vacation; but, could that put a halt of my running spree? A big no! We had a morning flight and I had no time to run, so, with 2 hours of sleep and a lot of places to visit, my family was a bit skeptical about me going for a run that day. However, I ran on the beach, wearing jeans and chappals (quite an experience) and completed around 2.5 Km. The next day, we had to travel to Puducherry from where we had to then head to Bengaluru by a night bus. While my family had a nice lunch at a French café, I completed my 2.2 Km of run at the Paradise Beach.

It was so satisfying and so motivating because I had finally reached the 98th day of the 100 days-challenge. We reached Bengaluru at around 7 AM in the morning and by 8 AM, I was all dressed up for the 99th day! Completing around 10 Km, I finally reached my goal of 1000 Km on 5th August’17! Oh, how happy I was! Moreover, it was made even more special by the young people of a group that I am a part of, whose encouraging words had made my victory even sweeter.

Here I am now, on the 100th day of the 100 days-run challenge, as excited and as energetic as I was when I first started with the challenge. I had once read somewhere that we shouldn’t measure our lives by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away and these 100 days have been full of such moments.

At the end of it all, I can only say that I am 58-year-old, and never in my life have I ever given up on anything despite the challenges that had come up and the 100-days challenge for me was a reminder of all that I was, have been and ever will be and indeed, it re-ignited in me a will to keep running, keep working out and keep eating healthy. Most importantly, this challenge has made me more aware of the importance of taking care of myself and loving myself first. Here’s to the 100 days of motivation, strength, will power, self-love and never-grow-up-ever-attitude!