For Abha Jain from Delhi, running was more like a filler for her cycling and swimming activities, until she chanced upon 100 days of running on Facebook. Running a 100 days broken many misconceptions she had about running. Here’s her story.

First of all, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart to have taken.up such an inspirational initiative of introduction of continuous running … The mere thought of running usually puts people who never run in their life before, on a back foot ..they are forever in doubt about their abilities to run …and to run for such a long continuous streak was beyond people imagination ..

It certainly was not in my mind, even though I myself a sports person & fitness freak since long, but even I never trained for 7 days a week ever in my life .. !!!

I have been cycling & swimming since last couple of years for fitness and runs in between to make it more interesting & keep me motivated.
But unfortunately in march 1st week I got a bad muscle tear in my right ankle so it out a complete stop to my fitness routine. I struggled to come back to my normal self and I had put on a lot of weight in the meantime. Recovery was very slow as I was occupied in a very hectic work schedule that made it even slower.

Then, by chance I came across this event #💯DaysofRunning on Facebook and I thought to give it a try. As I had not completely recovered from my injury, so I ran for only 2-4 km in initial days before actual run just to test if I could run at all. It’s very painful to say the least but the kind of relief I felt at the end of this was exhilarating I!!! So, I decided to continue just to keep me motivated with a goal in mind that of rehabilitation and keep me in the road to fitness and lose weight. And I thought it was easy to run for 2 km everyday after work at my workplace. How wrong I was!!!!

The 1st week was ok but the weeks afterwards it became very tough to continue with the pain increasing and the busy schedule hampering the routine to run. The odd hours of working & eating made it harder to stick to a regular venue and time. That’s how I came up with he idea of road running near my residence ( I detested road running like a plague as I thought it to be detrimental to my knees & ankles! And I never thought I would cross 10 km at a stretch as running on a track is so boring that I never ran more than 7 Kms ever before. I had just run few cross country races before on muddy trails of Bonta (Mall road ridge Area).

It’s amazing what and how misconceptions are broken by ones own will and efforts to try. As the weeks grew, my resolve to keep running became stronger and distances grew gradually and I have managed to run 3 half marathons in 98 days and close to 11 km on an average daily! The lovely weather made it even more pleasant and push my limits and run even at midnight !!!

Even with travels in between for various reasons to unlikely venues in Lucknow and Dehradun didn’t stop me from runs. My family and friends implored me to give rest to my swollen ankles but that only made me go harder for the runs.

Now with just 2 days remaining, I am very satisfied and proud of myself that I continued running, which made rehabilitation faster and helped shed a few wrong notions about self and fitness. It’s intoxicating feeling at the end of each run which is beyond expression and can only be felt by those who have undertaken this challenge ….

And to top it all, Samir Singh’s runs have inspired me to try running longer and continuously in-spite of any unseen circumstances. He taught me to have belief in self and push for goals, to overcome personal limitations and go beyond and think beyond the obvious …

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