Pradeep Sharma has a hectic lifestyle, working in a marketing position which involves a lot of travel, but that did not stop him from giving his all in the 2017 edition of 100 days of running. And he had another motivation, his wife, who was his partner in crime in this challenge! Here’s his story.

I am Pradeep Sharma, 31 years old, working with Royal Enfield as a Regional Service Manager & let me introduce my better half Mrs. Anshu Pradeep Sharma who is taking care of two children. One is me and the second is our 6 years old baby 🙂 Me & my wife both started running in December 2016.

I don’t know my story is inspiring or not but yes it’s been adventurous journey for me to take 100 days running challenge!!! Me & my wife started running in year 2015 but stopped again in July 2016 due to my health issues as first got planter fascistic & then had gall bladder stone & got operated in October 16 with removal of gall bladder.

So finally picked up & back on track in March 2017 & got chance to enroll myself & my wife in 100 days challenge & started running with lot of enthusiasm. The challenge is like a daily meal for us. After starting it and doing it for 20-25 days, we tried techniques to improve our running under this challenge.

I am working in marketing & handling a big region due to which most of the time I am on tour for as long as up to 20 days in a month, but somehow I am managing to run everyday but one very fine day I was at Chennai for review meeting & skipped morning run due to hectic schedule & planned to run in evening but after reaching office I came to know that today evening there is some farewell party of our quality head at a place which was around 15 km away from the hotel where I was staying, so got confused what to do then.

But commitment is commitment & I didn’t want to break a single day in this challenge so went to my hotel for ten minutes & changed clothes not in party dress, yes not in party dress , wore lower & t-shirt with running shoes & went to another hotel where party was organized.

Met with the person who’s farewell was organized, wished him for future & asked colleagues to excuse me for 20-25 minutes & started running from hotel to Adyaar (Chennai) & came back at hotel after 15 minutes & done some stretching , yes stretching is must after running to relax your muscles.

Second incident happened with me again on another day when in the evening I had to attend a marriage at Hoshiarpur which is 150 km from Chandigarh where I am living. When woke up in morning, I found it was raining heavily, so I planned to run in the evening but this was also in mind that by 5:00 pm I have to leave for attending marriage at Hoshiarpur.

So again wore shorts, t shirt & running shoes & sat in car with colleagues. During the journey, I was just thinking how to run, where to run, but God heard my heart’s voice & my fellow colleagues said that they are hungry & have to eat something. I came out from car & told them that I will meet you after 2.5 km from this place & started running at around 8:45 pm on highway. This incident really tested my commitment for the challenge!

As of today I have almost completed 90 days regular running with break of 6 days only due to a tour in Leh and Ladhakh where I was not able to run because of the acclimatization concerns at high altitude as I am have problem of Sarcoidosis.

So guys basically this 100 days challenge of running changed my life style & regularized my running schedule with lots of improvement in my running postures, speed & pace.

The most wonderful experience during this 100 days challenge was to run at every place like on grass, hard road, highways, jungle track, in mountains , treadmill etc.

Me & my wife are about to complete our 100 days challenge of running with mine 94 days & wife around 90 days.

During this challenge my wife inspired me a lot as she ran with me at every place wherever I was with her enjoying holidays at Shimla, my native place which is very small town & everyday in our joggers park.

So specially thanks to my wife for giving me such inspiration & motivation during this challenge.

Keep running!!! But injury free !!