Neha Bhutani is a runner from Delhi NCR. Basketball was her first passion, but that gradually paved way for running, and then she took on the 100 days challenge. Read her inspiring story in her own words.

It feels awesome to be part of this challenge ! Thanks for making me a better athlete !! Here is how it all began..

I used to be an athlete during my school days.. basket ball being my first love followed by race events. Then later college and job didn’t give enough time and energy to pursue my sport. However, after marriage and post delivery, my husband, who has been an athlete himself pushed me back in the game. He wanted me to have my stamina back, so he started training me. Since he knew that I played basket ball and was an athlete, I would have no shortage of will power. So as he advised, I started with basic walks, treadmill run, cross trainer and light weight training.

And now, for the past one year, I am actively part of an aerobic group and have been participating in short distance runs. When my instructor informed me about the 100 days of running challenge, without wasting any time thinking, I registered myself. I remember I wanted to get enrolled last year but had missed.

I was so excited that I called my parents and brother to inform that I have accepted this challenge and want to make a plan so I could complete till the 100th day. Like me, they knew 100 days is a big length of an event.  This wasn’t an easy one. Especially with my son’s vacation, Delhi’s heat followed by rains,  won’t be easy.. but nothing comes easy.. I had made up my mind to take up this one !   It was like taking an oath, a big commitment. It needed a constant dedication, and sincerity.

I remember 29th April, running wasn’t easy.. by the last 500m I had started panting and wanted to slow down. With some effort I managed. Gradually one week passed and then two, three , four.. I was sitting with a month completion of my challenge. It felt good and even better because I had not injured myself. I started taking care of my food habits all the more than before. I started consuming a lot of water than before too. Some discipline and healthy routine helped me to keep running injury free along with aerobic workout and evening walks.

So far this challenge has been the longest run challenge in my life.. It definitely feels great especially while I write this to you today I have already completed my 95th day run!!

As an athlete I always look forward to be at the Finish Line.. my finish line is on Sunday, August 6. I am awaiting that .. my good wishes to all the runners who would run till the Finish Line with me..

Also, friends who could not participate this year, get up and get ready .. let’s run together next year! See ya soon !!