Sudhir Sharma from Roorkee has been running and cycling regularly for the last few years, frequently seen in the Delhi NCR running events in particular. Sudhir shares his 100 days story.

Hello Fellow Runners,

Little did I know that when I met Tanvir bhai way back in 2016 during the Dashers’ Delight, Dwarka Delhi, on 26 June, I was rubbing shoulders with  the brain behind the 100 days of Running. As a fellow runner, we had little chit-chat and nothing more. At that time I had heard about the 100 days of Running, but frankly was not enthusiastic about joining the band as 2 km daily didn’t really excite me at that point time. It was only when I accidently stumbled upon some digital certificates of my fellow runners that I made up my mind to participate in the 100 days of Running 2017.

During April and up to third week of May I was only doing cycling and had put running on the back burner doing minimum 2.1 km daily to be eligible for the 100 days of running, as I was at that time practicing for an MTB event in which I had to cycle over 75 km from Dehradun to Dhanaulti spiced with an elevation gain of 4,602 meters which is more than half the height of Everest. Even after the Dehradun MTB event I did run only 2.1 km daily under the pretext of recovery after the MTB event.

One day just out of curiosity I checked the leader board and was pained to note that I trailing way far behind and my rank was somewhere beyond one thousand one hundred or so. At that time I realized that if I have to prove myself, I had to do something quick. But I had already wasted more than half the time. Just about than there came a twist in the story.

In the gym where I go for strength training, motivational songs from Bhag Milkha Bhag, Sultan, Dangal Chak de India are played on daily basis to motivate the members. I don’t know how but while listening to the Bhag Milkha Bhag song, I was reminded of a scene from the movie wherein the coach gives ankle weights to Milkha Singh tells him to practice with them. At that very moment I got highly excited grabbed the ankle weights from the gym’s shelf, tied them around my ankles, and started practicing on the mechanical tread mill. For three days I practiced for forty five minutes to one hour on the mechanical tread mill with the ankle weights.

On the very first day I had painful ankles. I took it casually because pain occurs whenever we start a new workout in the gym. But by the third day my condition was worsened I could barely touch my ankle to the ground. So I decided to consult my running coach. He told me that the ankle pain was due to extra heavy 3 kg ankle weights that I was using for training. He said to begin with the training has to be done with 500 gram ankle weights, the weights are then increased gradually, but by then the damage had been done, I had badly injured my left ankle. My physiotherapist immediately put me under treatment, and instructed me to stop running. He also cautioned my wife that if I don’t take full rest, a surgery may have to be performed. However despite his banning the running, each day I sneaked out of the house very early morning did my mandatory 2 km and returned home before my wife got up.

My physiotherapist was concerned that despite his treatment, my condition was deteriorating each day despite his best treatment because he was unaware that I was running all these days with the bad ankle. When I told him why I could not stop running, he instructed me to have transfer bath at least four times a day, and also to reduce my running speed so as to lessen the impact on my badly injured ankle.

Despite my injury it was in July first week that I decided that I have to complete at least 500 km and be within first five hundred runners. So despite my horrible injury and unbearable pain, I gradually started increasing the daily run distances and presently my both my goals are within the sight. My ankle has not fully recovered yet and I have a limp in my running, which attributes to my very slow pacing.

I don’t think my story is motivational in any way; it is just about commitment and dedication despite all odds. What I want to share with my fellow runners is to caution them that never ever get highly inspired by the movies or videos on the Internet, always consult your coach and physiotherapist before starting any new workout or technique.

Have injury free running because I have experienced the painful limping running all these days.

With Best Wishes & Sincere Regards