Poonam Metta from Hyderabad took part in the 2017 edition of 100 days of running. This was her second year of 100 days running challenge which she ran as part of Hyderabad Runners Group. Poonam shares here story here.

About Myself: A daughter, wife and a mother. Coming from a family of freedom fighter and army men, I have learnt to tackle the hurdles of life, figuratively and literally. As an extension to my daily fitness routine, I incorporated running into my regime and found a way to express myself.

Running History: I was always snubbed for my ways of keeping fit and ticked-off by even friends. I was reminded of my age and a comment, “You are not modelling, are you?!” But yes, losing my mother and mother-in-law to cancer, I was aware of the importance of keeping fit. Pinkathon was the first platform where I could prove to myself that I could run and yes, 10K was my target. I completed my dream run in 1hr 4mins. Now the question asked was not why, but how?! So, you see, life does not end after forty, but it’s a start of a new chapter in your life! And yes, this was the start of my running journey.

2015 was the year when I was actively running and completed my first Half Marathon. There was no looking back after that…

2016 I started preparing myself for a Full Marathon and that too the toughest one in Hyderabad… Along came the 100days of running challenge which was one off its kind! From Hyderabad, it was just two people Me and one more runner Udit. I clocked 792K in 100days and was ranked 10th on the women’s leader board.

The highlight of this event was a run on my marriage anniversary. We were in Pune to celebrate our Sons birthday and our anniversary which falls on the same day. I was looking for an opportunity to run my 2k and with all dolled up for a temple visit on a hill I jogged up to meet the god and complete my run challenge 😊 Running daily for 100 days is by no means an easy task but then if u treat it as a task the fun goes out of it . I made it into a fun and thrill experience and voila it ended with a vow to take up the next challenge…

The next challenge was FM on 30th August.

And with so many of our friends coming out for this event and motivating each other we soaked into the cheerful environment.

Moving ahead I registered for my second Full Marathon SCMM 2017 and there was no looking back.

2017 also brought back 100 Days of running challenge in a much bigger way… For a surprise from Hyderabad we have 259 Runners compared to 2 runners in 2016…and as a part of Hyderabad Runner Proud to say that we are on the fifth position among the cities across India… We as a community at Aparna Sarovar, are doing our bit of running by celebrating each day and each land mark in our unique way.

2018 new year new resolution…
Some surprises make you more strong and determined and my biggest one came when I get a Medal all the way from Mumbai by one of the fastest Runner from Sarovar, Sharath Chandra !!


“ONLY THOSE WHO WILL RISK GOING TOO FAR CAN POSSIBLY FIND OUT HOW FAR ONE CAN GO.”-T.S. Eliot We’re all searching for something within ourselves; most of us want to know just how deep our well is.
My first ultra, 50KM running on the most challenging route with incredible incline/elevations! With blisters and toe nails falling off it was an incredible journey to a Podium finish!!

Challenging yourself and discovering what surprises your body has in store is important ….So the next focus was #SpiritOfPinkathonRun #Vijaywada2Hyderabad #280Kms #5days

The toughest decision for me as my Son was appearing for his 12th boards exam during the same time. And yes personally, physically and mentally this was my toughest run so far. This could have not be possible without the constant encouragement from my #SarovarRunners group and my co-runners, my family and the blessings of each and every one! <3

And in the process, I have completed 57 Half Marathons including practice runs, 2 Full Marathons one Ultra and 280 kilometres from Vijayawada to Hyderabad run.

My journey will continue and yes, I can do so because I have my Friends and Family and the blessings from all my Running Friends.

My favourite running line: When your muscles ache and you don’t think you can go another step, it’s your mental will that will push you forward.

The wait to run, the third edition of 100 days has started …

Thank you, Team – 100DaysofRunning.