Ritu Chauhan from Pune shares here story of 100 days of running in the 2017 edition of the event.

I am Ritu, baker by profession, and creative by nature from Pune. Mixing art and taste is part of my job. Hectic schedule with the real tiring lifestyle of business, where i am supposed to working in late night hours just to make people happy on their special days. I was always in search of some means to get fit. Journey was continuing, but nothing was coming as a permanent solution for fitness.

Running to me started in fits and starts. Me and my friend Shivani Mehrotra, who is real reason to continue my daily run, my real motivation, used to meet and decided to run. It was a time when there were multiple things in life, but being a sport enthusiast, I wanted to be fit and moving. I was not thinking too ahead about this 100 days of running, all I had in mind was to do it till I can. But slowly but surely, the run bug did bite me.

I was so excited to start 100 days running challenge, I did not notice that its going to start from the 29th April. I thought that its going to start from 28th and did my pre-run of the challenge even before its actually started. so technically when people will be celebrating 100 days run, I will be on my 101th day run .

In this span I have seen Pune so much I even have not seen in last 4 years of my stay in Pune.

These 100 days were very special part of life, where I met lots of people, and also, I met the real me. There are so many good friends I was able to collect as a memento from the remarkable journey of 100 days. Initially I thought that it will be a fitness movement for me and I will run only 2-3 km per day. I started with that but then slowly with time, best coming out of me and longer runs started becoming part of my life. Now I am running close to 10 km per day. The day I am writing this its my 95th day and i am rolling on my 771 km.

There are so many changes I have seen in this journey which is almost like a big book, some times I feel it will not be possible to complete 100 days. Now, I have even started looking beyond 100 days and I have so many reluctant and enthusiastic friends, who will push and cajole me if I ever think about pausing my run streak.

To me run is life and also run is happiness. Running has given me so much strength and fulfillment, which is not easy to get from other means. Thank you so much, 100 Days of Running Challenge, you gave me a reason to chase my childhood dream to do running in a marathon. Now my dream is to run a full marathon.