Nothing speaks louder than words from participants. We asked our 2017 participants to share with us their “before” and “after” stories of 2017 edition of 100 Days of Running. And we were delighted to hear some really amazing and inspiring stuff… which motivates us to reach out to more and more people every year, and inspire them to start running.

Neeraj Vishwakarma

Before : Had PB for HM 2.26
After : Sub 2, a better athlete, more agile & discipline now

Videsh Vilas Kasar

Before : Will i make it to final day??
After : Mission accomplished ✌

Neha Bhutani

Before : 100 long days .. πŸ€”
After : yipppppeee completed! 😬

Chirag Khamesra

Before : finished a FM with few injuries
After : happily finished a 100k ultra without any injuries.

Sagar Singh

Before : undisciplined, insecure, lazy, broken soul, out of shape
After : superficial, ambitious, conceited, new born soul, healer, in shape πŸ˜ƒ

Rohan Patel

Before : Feels running is tiresome activity
After : Feels running is Refreshment and Meditation…

Jatin Marken

Before : 1/2 km running feel tired..
After : last day of running 6 Aug continuous run of 25 km …

Baskar Kothandan

Before : just a beginner to run.
After :
1) self support HM in 2.15 hrs.
2) DRHM – 02:07:05
3) Jawadhu Hills Ultra Run (25k ) – 02:58:56
4) 10 km – 54min
5) 5km – 24 min
6) reduced 6 kgs ( 83 – 77kgs )

Sameer Chavan

Before : it was difficult for mee to run daily and had gain a some weight
After : happy to run continuously for 100 days and now fit and healthy!!

Saurabh Sharma

Before : I never achieved consistency.
After : I was able to achieve consistency

Pradeep Kumar

Before : Low on Confidence, low in stability and endurance.
After : High on Confidence, feeling powerful inside & outside

Sukhpreet Kaur

Before : Pain of separation of my beloved Mom, uncertainty of future & acting to look strong with a weak inner self.
After : A new Me with peace of mind. I completed this journey stepping into my Mom’s shoes (literally, yes,we had the same shoe size. Ideally, I became a Mom to her the day I was chosen by God to be her caregiver. You see, you don’t have to give birth to be in her shoes). This test of endurance & commitment is a tribute to her & yes, with every step I took, it was one for her. My mom’s shoes protected me against stumbling numerous times like a Mom does – it really gave me goosebumps during those times as I could feel her besides me supporting & uplifting throughout the 100 days .πŸ˜‡πŸ™

Parth Patel

Before : I always looked for a suitable conditions to run e.g. time, weather, track, etc…
After : now I can run anytime anywhere in any conditions.

Manish Srivastava

Before : 73 Kg
After : 69 kg, love for run

Rekha Malhotra Bhatia

Before : completed 10k in 89 mins
After : 10k timings reduced to 81 min with substantial increase in stamina n endurance

Anand Nott

Before : Major injury on October 15 , 2017. – a trivial fall caused a Sciatic nerve injury causing a foot drop with paresis of right leg. Never thought I would run again.
After : Started limping with 100 days and did a HM distance of 21 km run a week before the 100th day. Now looking forward to the running season.

Bhuvaneshwari Suryanarayanan

Before : was guilty of over eating.
After : eating consciously with controlled portion.

Ankur Gupta

Before : Went for jog, used to come back with little jog
After : Went for jog, return with half marathon sub 2 hrs…..

Sandip Nanda

Before : πŸ’― days dailyπŸ˜“
After : it’s possible πŸ€—πŸ˜‰

Swapnil Joshi

Before : Would I be able 2??
After : I Did it

Venkatraman Venkateswaran

Before : hope
After : conviction

Coolest Jeet

Before : My girlfriend loved me
After : My girlfriend loves me more now..after #100days

Shrikant Pandey

Before : Had never run seven consecutive days or done more than 200 kms in a month.
After : Could run 100 consecutive days and accumulated 780 kms in total.

Anil Jain

Before : Used to Reach home from office by 10.00-10.30pm
After : Start early & Reach home between 9.00-9.30pm

Yashwant Jadhav

Before : only used to do 10k
After : going to do 42k and 21k this month

Abha Jain

Before : I never thought I’d ever run 10km
After : It’s so much FUN & Easier to run now.. Got to feel the post run exhilaration πŸ™ƒπŸ˜

Shyam Sundar A C

Before : A Couch potato
After : A new found passion for running.. Completed four 10k runs. A new goal in life- to run a marathon and loads of self confidence to back that..

Shilpa Bhando Dixit

Before : with a travelling job, my love for running took a toll .. my best was 3 days in a week
After : never knew I was capable of so much discipline. Ran out of country, ran in rain, ran in the hospital when a family member was admitted, but ran every day! With a big smile!

Nagu Maradani

Before : It was TargetπŸ‘
After : It’s an Achievement πŸŽ€ These πŸ’― Days were Special πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

Umesh Rao

Before : Was struggling to manage a 7.3 + pace. PB for 5k :33.5 mins
After : Able to do an under 7min/km pace comfortably. PB for 5k : 29.2 mins.

Prasad Raju

Before : was planning to run 10k in Airtel Hyderabad Marathon
During : after 50, registered for Full Marathon – Airtel Hyderabad Marathon
After : successfully completed full marathon in 5hrs 20 min.