I heard about the 100 days running challenge from my enthusiastic friends and initially thought that if I had participated in half marathons and many 10K runs earlier, running 2 kms everyday would feel no less than a breeze. Of course I could not have been more wrong than that! I underestimated the challenge in good measure. Daily runs is something that I had not done before and I could feel the exhaustion initially as I pushed myself to run in the sweltering heat every single day!

I realised that the challenge was more about maintaining the consistency and discipline of going out and doing a minimum of 2 kms, no matter what the odds could be. And so I continued. From running in Delhi to the beaches of Goa to checking out gyms while on international trips.. I ensured that the run must go on! I even had my share of running when it was pouring cats and dogs in Delhi and I can’t say I did not enjoy that experience!

I remember when I was on a week long holiday in China, our itinerary was very hectic with the result that we were sleeping barely for 3-4 hours everyday. My sisters sounded skeptical when they got to know that I had to run here everyday as part of this challenge. “There is no time for you to run here.. we will get late,” they told me firmly on the first day. So I decided to get up half an hour earlier daily so that I could finish my run on the treadmill and be back before they were up. By the end of the trip, they asked.. “So what time are you going for your run tomorrow?”

I guess that’s how mindsets change when you are able to see what could not be envisioned in the first place. I have always thought that this challenge was more about the mind than physical endurance. My mind was made up to complete this target once I had taken it up. And I am only glad I did. Not just did it make my running pace and form better, it also made my mind stronger to complete goals that I had aimed for, irrespective of any hardships that came my way..

It’s an amazing initiative – kudos to Adidas for bringing health centrestage in people’s lives!