Sharing ‘our’ 100 Day Run Challenge Story.

All 3 of us are running the challenge – Wife (Shruti Bhatia), Son (Ayush Bhatia) and me.

Sharing a little story of what happened on day 28 of the challenge.

Playing competitive scrabble is ought to be hard. Tough.
Getting your son ready for a tournament. Managing the logistics and then some office time. Needs management skills
A day trip to Pune for a presentation takes a toll.

Scrabble engages the pre frontal cortex
Travel and then endless meetings engages the right and left part of the brain
Presenting in a highly stimulating environment has your neurons lighting up like a Christmas tree

8 hours of competitive Scrabble burns 1000 calories and you may not even break into a sweat. But are drained.
3 hours of train travel, 4 meetings in 6 hours, 5 cups of coffee. The body can rebel
An expressway drive, 3 hours of energetic presentation, QnA, greasy Chinese food. Lethargy results.

A tournament played in a t-shirt, jeans and comfortable floaters
An office day spent in formal shoes and an elegant dress
A presentation made wearing a formal shirt and shiny shoes to match.

The sun sets and street lights take over.  Chaotic traffic mingles with vendors trying to sell their wares.
Vowels share the box with consonants.
Laptops get packed
Ties loosen.

All 3 are spent. In each in their own way.
But the 100 Day Run Challenge is on.
Run you must.

So in floaters, elegant dresses, formal wear and shiny shoes 2 km happened.

This mindset has helped – compete, push the boundaries, be tenacious.
Be us.