After a long thought process about my story of 100 days of running, just want to express my feeling of registration and journey throughout. I was never a sports person and not at all into running. I saw my friends running daily and losing weight, getting fit day by day.  That clicked me and it was a great motivation for me with a statement in my head “Run for weight loss”.

With this I started exploring options and joined Kalenji Running Club. For the breakthrough I registered for Gandhinagar HM on 7th January that was just registration without any focus or goal, just thought to give it a try. On 29th Jan, the Race Day, I completed HM just before the cut off. That gave me a inspiration that if without practice I can run HM marathon, why not to just go ahead and improve it and make myself fitter rather than being a couch potato. Also my daughter would be proud to say my mother is a marathoner.

I started running thrice a week regularly, making me feel more energized and stronger. Then I came to know about 100 Days Running Challenge, and my first thought was “Aisa bhi kuch hota hai” and I registered for the same without any specific reason and started my runs. It was very tough with all the family duties, managing time for the daily run and my body was also not well prepared but I kept pushing my limits just to continue with the challenge and eventually I started liking the challenge and would do anything just to continue and do not break it.

One day I was referring leader board, and I was surprised to know that if I push a little more I can be in top 50 across India, and that made me more serious about my goal and made my determination stronger to run and achieve that feat. And I didn’t have to wait for long time, soon I was in Top 50 Womens. I was on cloud 9 and messaged all my family and friends about this achievement and details about  100 day running challenge.

Overall it’s a great journey for me and I have learnt a lot over a period of time. And icing on cake, have got many running friends which are now inseparable part of me. Just 10 more days to go. Running Strong. 😊