IMPOSSIBLE? NO! I AM POSSIBLE. All you need is your Will power to make it possible!!!
While I was searching for ways on how to be a consistent and a strong runner is when I came across THE 100 DAYS RUNNING challenge. I had this urge deep within me to register for it right away.
But, what was stopping me were my own  logistics:
– 7 AM – 7 PM working + commuting hours
– mother of a 7 year old child
– responsibilities of a joint family with no helping hand
– and most of all where to run, when there is no place around. NO means “Not at all”!  I have never ever witnessed any girl going out for morning/evening walks around my house.
I was sure there is no way I can leave everything behind and go for runs every single day for 100 days. I will have no time, no energy, no place, no support, and I wont be able to answer the unasked questions while stepping out of home to go out and run.
However, something took over, my friends encouraged and I took this challenge as an opportunity to revive my own faith in me  that I can do things on my own way, for me, which I think are correct, even if no one approves.
And, here I am, after completing 90/90 days of 100 days running. All it has taken is “Madness” to reach the goal and eventually restore that belief in me, never to lose it again.
– madness to run on treadmill, when there is no time for outdoor run
– madness to go to children park and run relentlessly in 100 m loops, when treadmill is not available
– madness to run unconventionally in  residential society with everyone glaring around
– and madness to do on the spot running when cannot even step out of the house
“never say never” is what i have learned from this challenge. If you really wanna do it, only YOU can make it possible for yourself.. if you are determined, everything will fall in place – you will make time for yourself, you will gather the energy, you will build your own road, and you will be your own support.
Now, I can run anywhere, anytime of the day, in rain, with or without shoes, or alone, no matter how exhausted I am, i have learned to save energy to complete my 2 kms every single day. Everyone at home now understands, her 2 km run is as important as her cooking meals for the family.
Thanks to 100daysrunningchallenge, for providing this platform, for continuous motivation, and for letting us make possible what once looked impossible. I feel liberated, confident, delighted, and excited to complete the challenge with continuously growing vigor and zeal.
Waiting eagerly for 100th day, which happens to be my birthday, and i am sure there could not have been a better birthday gift 😃!
Cheers, Swati