I am Pragya Malviya from Noida, Project Manger in IT Firm. Here is my journey of this 100 days of challenge in my own words.

“Yes you read it right I ran in 5 meter room and did 500 rounds to stay in this challenge”

It was Day 76 and i missed my morning run as my husband was not in town and i am alone with my 3.5 year old son. I decided to run at night when my son goes to cycle ( which is his daily routine). But when we both came from work ( me from office and he from his day care) , he was having a temperature and slept at 07:00 PM . I cannot leave him alone, even he was not allowing me to leave a room . So i am not left with the option of running in room itself as i do not want to miss when i am so ahead in this challenge . I ran in front of him in 17 ft  width of room which is 5 meter and end up with 500 rounds to make up the minimum distance required .

That day changed me with more sheer determination, dedication and motivation. I failed in two running challenges earlier due to lack of this dedication and now i am self motivated. This is my third attempt and i see myself successful from that day only.

Second reason for being so much motivated and stick to  this challenge is I ran at every possible place – 5 meter room, railways track, airport, forest, lake side, river side, mountains, ground, stadium, express way, subway, service lane ,apartment, building corridor…

On Day 2 of this running challenge i have a flight to Paris as i am on business trip for 1 month in France, I managed to take time for bare minimum of 2 km run from 11 hours of hectic work schedule( 2 hours of travel + 9 hours of work)  and believe me i explored most of the places in Paris on my shoes(running). By this time i have already started feeling that definitely i am going to complete this challenge.

I can see the top of Eiffel tower from my hotel room and always thought it would not be far away from here and one day i will run to Eiffel tower and i did it. I gave myself a different kind of break during travel instead of watching TV in a hotel room or end up with talking to someone on phone

Third and the last reason for sticking up to this challenge is my son, he joined me in most of runs either on foot or on pedal. He used to run small distance with me, whenever he is on his cycle he chase me to run fast and wanted me to matchup his speed and indirectly he became my pacer for 2 km (in 11-12 mins).

Thanks to ‘100 Days of Running’ team who brings more confidence and more dedication in my life.

Thanks to my running cum fitness cum explorer group ‘Dare 2 Gear’ where each and every member inspired me directly or indirectly to stick with this challenge.

Only 9 days left to finish this challenge… yay.. hurray..

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