Venkatraman V (Mumbai)
Age – 37
Reported days – 88 Kms – 262

The best that has happened to me is the day when a close friend dragged me to a half marathon without any practice. I had no idea what I was getting into until I crossed the finish line. A joy and emotion of disbelief swept within me and it was that day something beautiful inside me took birth. Yes, It was the joy of running.

Since that day, I have been looking forward to run on weekends and try my best to feel the body maximised. In a few days, I heard of this event “100 days of running” which gave me food for thought and if I did this everyday without fail, the incremental benefit will be immense and unquantifiable. I just wanted to cultivate a habit of running and improve my stamina day by day.

With over 4 weeks gone, I was addicted to run daily and I did this with a proper plan to achieve and balance my work life. The joy of running creeped into my lifestyle and it gave me a meaningful perspective of health and developing a passion. Now with almost 3 months in, it has taught me a great deal about how to take care of my foot and different techniques of improving my runs.

This helped me in doing my first 10 km timed marathon inside 70 mins. My next Target being 65 mins, I am sure the benefit of everyday running is only having a positive impact and I will achieve all the odds. Today when I run, there is a sense of belonging to the earth and I feel close to the nature.  Every step of my foot feels like kissing the earth and the sensation of hearing your own heart beat is something magical and unexplainable.

My desire to complete the 100 days has only being more magnified when I have completed couple of runs just before the stroke of midnight after a tiring days office work. I thank the event as it is bringing out a different person in me. In less than 3 months I have managed to release 8 KGS and get more fitter and sharper in my mind and everyday routine. As I continue this never ending journey from here, the joy of running is born and this is the beginning of something beautiful.