Hi I am Alka 🙂 as they usually say a woman on the wrong side of 40!!!! A term I fail to understand….

I have been running and done a few HMs. I came across the 100days challenge.. Went through the details.. Wanted to join.. But didn’t know how far I could go. However on the last day of registration, setting all doubts aside I finally picked up the courage and registered for it.

And yes I m very happy that I did. Ever since I joined this challenge I have been traveling a lot. Earlier I would give my running a slip if I was out of town. But the #100DaysOfRunning brought discipline in me and I haven’t missed a single day whatever town or city I have been in. So basically been running all over the country!!!!!

However the challenge was never a pressure for me. I did not take it as a stress.. Just went ahead with my daily runs with a calm mind.
And I must say the tension free consistency helped me a lot.
Running is like meditation….

Ever since having joined the # 100DaysOfRunning I have done two Endurathons which were quite tough. As I want to progress to doing trails and Endurathons the #100DaysOfRunning is great for me as it helps me build up my endurance.

I am very happy that I joined this challenge and am thankful to the team at #100DaysOfRunning for coming up with this event.
Thank u #100DaysOfRunning