Hello Everyone,

I am Rohan. I was inspired for running couple of years back when I was incidentally took a visit of a garden in the morning and had seen few elder people (May be 45+ Years of age – it’s just a number for them !!!) running. I tried to match the steps with them up to some distance and found it difficult. So, I have started approaching the Runner’s Group in the city and took some guidance, advice and knowledge from them and started to run for long distance (10 Km is long distance for me !!!) and did one Half Marathon in my city. Along with this group I enjoyed many group runs, cross-training session and long distance cycling including duathlon and enjoyed a lot.

I believe injuries are part of any sport and have been witness of it. I got injured many times but didn’t give up. Meanwhile, I came to know regarding the 100 Days of Running Challenge and decided to enroll and complete it disregards of any injuries. I have face issues in shin muscles and knees just after completion of first 22 days of the challenge. But giving up the challenge was not the option or the cure. So, I continued the journey with slow & short distance running and some cross-training for next 15 Days. I was feeling comfortable after that and today I completed 84 Days of streak and now looking forward to achieve my target of 450 Kms on the 100th Day.

At the end would like to give one message I heard from one of the member of Running Group that the People should not afraid of injuries in the knee and leg because Knee Replacement Surgery is available and it’s cheaper as compared to Heart Replacement 😃😃😃😃 !!!!

I would like to THANK the whole managing team of 100 Days of Running Challenge for their support and inspiration.

Stay Fit, Stay Healthy, Keep Running…..God Bless !!! 👍👍👍