Hi all, first thing first… mine is not an inspiring story. I am a homemaker blessed with two daughters aged 14yrs.and 9yrs. Running didn’t happen to me accidentally.I participated in a Minithon of 6k in our locality in February  n that was a turning point.I m slim by physique so when I started running, people around me commented that why I m running.

There is difference between being fit and being slim. Earlier people thought this is like a beginner’s enthusiasm, I will give up after few days but I didn’t give up. 100days of running helped me building stamina. I hv become more disciplined. Now my first priority is running. I organized my day keeping running in mind.

As a result, I participated in 10k run on 16th July and finished with a good time. The idea behind sharing my story is “it’s never too late, ladies….get up n start living for urself… Be fit… enjoy your life “and if I can do …so can you. I can’t end my story without thanking the person who trained me, encouraged me… Dear friend Mr. Mukesh Tyagi who himself is a runner. A heartfelt thanks to my hubby dear for letting me do whatever I wished for.