How 100 Days of Running changed my Lifestyle

Running turned my health around. Running for this event every day, continuously has taught me that I am capable of more than I ever thought possible. Every day I clear my mind of problems & think of joys while I am running. I have realized that Running has therapeutic values. I use it as stress reliever.

Changed my Priorities – Running has cleared a space inside me allowing me to appreciate more important things in life.

Less Socially competitive & more Self-competitive – Majority of my time practicing; running, trying to beat the set time to finish that last kilometer.

In tune with my body – I found out that whether Elite / Novice, running is just about you & you alone, 100DaysofRunning allowed me to stay healthy & keep body in motion.

Pursue Passion with Support – I would be completely lost without incredible support from runners supporting me with their words, applauds, appreciations – so I realized that “Every runner needs a Sherpa”, never underestimate the importance of your support team.

Time is really Irrelevant – Running compels to stay in the moment, connect with your breath & roll with your cadence. So for me, running has nothing to do with cumulative time, but everything to do with connected highly charged moments.

– I feel authentically connected to surroundings. Driven off the laziness.

After I started running, I did want to try something new, I could see my appetite for running to be growing.

The message here is Persistence. You become stronger, leaner & more toned. I am now pushing harder than I knew I could.

Thank you, Team – 100DaysofRunning.