Hello friends…my name is Zainul Abideen from small city Moradabad in U.P. My story is just based on focus n determination i never find consistency in my running i run since 31 oct 2016 but due to 100 days it help me in maintain accuracy in such height i never skip in during Ramadhan too even not skip my any single fast even i run on eid day too with full joy in Ramadhan.

i run in night some of muslim friend not join this challenge due to Ramadhan in 100 days but if u have dedication u can achieve anything bcoz excuses don’t make results but ur hardwork & dedication can even i face several injury in starting days n now also but then i try short distance in different time in whole day even night too or even in rains but never skip due to this 100 days my pace also increase from 8:00 to 6:00 normally in 21 km & 5:00 in 10 km…

now if i skip in morning i feel i skip my meal it become my meal due to 100 days challenge only & i want to continue it 365 days if God help me & ur love n blessings all running friends…All the best all & thnx to my running partner to Ayush bahri who help me in my journey & various strava friends who inspire me & guide me time to time like mughda bahri rajeev bhai (1) shuaib ansari sangharsh singh ajeet kumar jogendra singh Giri Brothers Rajeev bhai (2) & of course samir singh( i try several time to do 100 km but after 25km all collapsed but 1 day i surely try this)..Thanx Team 100 days for this event

## Pics belong to glimpse of transform due to run & some of 100 days run which provoke me to run even in nights & in bad atmosphere either hot or rain.