This is my first time entry in 100 days of running. I am Shahul Hameed, Basically from Chennai and stay in Pune for around 4 years.. I initially started running in 2014 Aug just as a fun to run with my friends.. At that time my weight was above 100 🙈..

Day by day Running has become a part of my life and I see a result of 30kgs reduced..But still I was lagging at some point that my running was not regular.. I need to thank you guys for giving such wonderful opportunity which made me to run on a daily basis and see I am regular now.. Initial days were strong and then lagged back due to Ramzan month.. Still did not loose hope.. Continued my running with a relax 2 to 3 kms per day and at some point picked up my regular work out.

I would say it is 100 ways of running or a 100 days of learning which gave me different experience day by day.. Proud of what you have achieved is my thought and I am proud of what I am now.. I have crossed 85days now with more than 550kms.. hope this is a never ending road… Cheers to all runners and a hearty thanks to PCMC runners and Chennai tower twisters.

A big thanks again to 100days of running team for such a great idea.