Hi everyone! I am Vivek Mittal, resident of Ahmedabad (Gujarat). First and foremost I would like to thank all the organisers including the admin of the page ‘100 days of running’ for thinking and starting such an event which makes an individual to run for 100 days. 100 days is a Big Number for any Starter who has never run even for 1 km, but your liberal rules like minimum 2 km runs, running on treadmill, running anywhere etc plus free registration are big motivators for any starters.

I got to know about this contest only via facebook in April 2017 and I immediately decided to participate in it and shared this information on facebook & my other groups too to make others participate in it especially non-runners. When I joined this contest my objective was to run Every day and not on achieving very high number of kms run.

I started running in 2016 and my first official participation was in BSAFAL 10 km run in Dec 2016, later in Jan end participated in 21 km run in Gandhinagar and couple of few runs in March month. Post march I found perfect contest to keep myself going. I feel unlike other contest which are of 1 day this contest is very unique because it makes Running a very much Part of your life , it helps a person to overcome fear of participating in many 1 day run events.

As of now I have completed 70 days of run injury free. Each day morning begins with a run in fresh weather in open sky with beautiful sound of birds chirping and seeing morning sunrise and listening to temple bells, a scenic morning beauty which we often miss while sleeping in bed in morning hrs. I generally run near Kankaria lake which is one of the most beautiful site in Ahmedabad and favourite place for walkers. Due to my regular runs, morning walkers now almost recognise me..:-).!!

Event started in summer season so enjoyed cold morning breeze and continued in Rainy season so enjoying rain bath many times while running. It’s awesome feeling to run even while raining but I take precaution to run slow. I believe that in this event I am not competing with anyone but myself, for me challenge is to continue every day. Luckily due to regular runs I didn’t catch up any viral infections like cough or cold too due to rise in immunity all credits to 100 days of running..!! There was a time when I could not imagine myself running even 1 km and now I can easily run 10 km on daily basis.

What does 100 days of running do? It instills self-discipline in any individual, building immunity & self-confidence and stamina.