Our journey – best measured in miles

‘In my end is my beginning’, said Mary, Queen of Scots.

I never knew how relevant these words were until I realized that I can begin anew.

The end of my monotonous routine was the beginning of an exciting life.

Becoming a stay at home mom was never easy for me, especially after having worked for 12 long years. A change in location and the urge to give some quality time to my 7 year old son, I took the plunge. Within 3 months I was bored by my daily routine, which was somehow not exciting to me anymore. I no more looked forward to another day. No sense of purpose led me into unhealthy eating habits and not to mention, undesired weight gain.

But as they say, after a storm comes calm. Around 3 hours before the closing of the registration for 100 Days of Running, my husband chanced upon an email and without blinking an eyelid I asked him to register my name. In fact, we both registered. For me, more than running, more than a challenge, it was a reason to look forward to every day. I wanted a focus in life, something that will motivate me to do things differently. 2kms daily was an easy task, so I thought, only to be proven wrong the very next day! I could not even run 100 metres at a stretch!

The fact that I was not fit enough to run 100 metres, leave alone 2 Kms, was frustrating. Mental power was all I needed and my husband and my son ensured to put me back on my feet.

To give me company, my son started going along on his kick- scooter with us. This surprised us as he was never much into physical activities before. But now, he would keep encouraging me to keep going as far as possible without taking a break. This turned into a routine and slowly he stopped taking his scooter along. He started running with us! He hardly missed any days of running since then. His dedication amazed us. On weekends we would do 5 or 10 Kms and he would accompany us without any complaints. Since last week cycling has caught his attention and he ensures that we run fast enough to keep up with his pace. He has made us believe in ourselves.

The journey of the last 83 days has been amazing. We bonded over our runs as a family. We are spending more time amidst nature than on the couch in our drawing room. We are more confident of ourselves, constantly striving to be better than the other. We are trying our best to clock a little extra and go up in the leader board in our own little way.

Today, I am proud to say that I lost more than I gained during my journey of 100 days! I lost weight, I lost the urge to sit at home and eat, I lost the doubt that was dragging me down. I lost my almost depression -like mental state and I lost the feeling that I was not doing anything worthwhile. And all these losses gave me the power to gain self- confidence. Today I feel liberated.

Thank you 100 days of Running for bringing back the confidence in me so much so that I have registered for a half marathon in August. Thank you for inspiring a kid to take up running. Thank you for bringing us closer to nature. It really, really made a difference in our lives.

It is rightly said that a child can teach an adult that no dream is a big dream.

Anushree Arora (Erlangen, Germany)