I am Anil Howladar. A resident of Ahmedabad. Age 71. A retired Indian Naval officer. After retirement in 1984 I slowly started gaining weight and became an obese. Couldn’t even walk properly at a stretch for a mile. I used to look at the runners running on the road and feel sorry for myself

One day I decided to run ran a few hundred mtrs. Next day I couldn’t stand but came on road and started running and could run a hundred mtrs more. There after I didn’t stop. Running became easy as I started losing weight. I have joined ADR (Ahmedabad Distance Runners). My weight reduced to 55 kg from 90 kg.

I have now participated in about 15 half marathons. When I heard about 100 days of running I thought people are crazy and I can’t do it. Last day of registration I changed my mind and registered. Thought if I can’t continue I can quit anytime and no harm. On first day I ran 13 km.

After a few days of running I had to move to Ratnagiri for an assignment. After morning run at Ahmedabad I left for Mumbai Had my morning run at Kharghar. Evening I left for Ratnagiri. Reached Ratnagiri on Sunday morning and ran there about 3/4 km. Stayed at Ratnagiri for the day. Next morning again ran there. Left for duty station Jaigarh port. Continued running thereafter at Jaigarh.

Again on 25th of June I had go to Ahmedabad. On the way to Ahmedabad and back I took night halt at Mumbai. Ran there. So far I tried to run minimum 5 km. Till today my average running distance is 8+ km a day. Hope and confident to touch the finishing LINE in the same spirit. Moral of the story is that age is just a number. One can achieve good health at any stage of life.