For Rashi Shah, 100 Days of Running provided a motivation to go out and explore the cities she was traveling to during the event. She also made this event more interesting for her, by clicking a selfie every day for the memories. Here’s her story.

Name: Rashi Shah
Age: 20 years
Club: Adidas Runners IN
Location: London & Mumbai

Taking up the challenge

100 Days ago, I took upon a challenge. A challenge to run consecutively for 100 days. No, there was no cause behind the run, but a simple form of motivation for myself to get out of the house and explore the cities I was traveling to, to enjoy a few hours of independence and and to give myself a different kind of break during exams, instead of the zillion TV shows I could’ve been busy binge watching.

Selfie a day, builds memories!

Along the way, I took a selfie “Every Single Day” that most of my snapchat followers are well acquainted with. These selfies are a simple form of memories to remind me of the various challenges I overcame to find a mere 30 mins or so to fit in a run through exams, weddings, work and travel.

It may sound easy to find “some” time to run in the entire day, but trust me, it’s easier said, than done. Nonetheless, it was sheer determination and dedication, that motivated me to run every single day.

In my early days of the challenge I’d almost forget about my run until my London friends would ask me, “Where’s today’s selfie post?” And I’d be like, “Oops gotta run!” and there I’d fit in my run at about 11.30pm.

Running in weirdest situations

I still remember the days when I had to attend my brother’s wedding at Abu Dhabi. Trying to squeeze in a run and dodge between the bullets of my mum’s constant phone calls to get ready for the next function is something I have no idea how I’ve managed, but it sure as hell was one of my many memorable 100day’s stories. I’m pretty sure the hotel staff thought I was mental to be running around in sports clothes with a fancy hair-do and semi-dried Mehndi  on my hand, but hell ya! It was an experience after all.

Managing travel in 100 days

Soon after came my globe trotter days where I’d literally have to plan my runs as per my flight schedules. I still remember having gotten up at 3am for a run, to catch a 9am flight that landed in Mumbai around 11.50pm, just a few minutes before the next day started.

Call me crazy, but there’ve even been days when I had to complete my runs in my aunt’s building corridors due to the New York weather conditions and the lack of a nearby gym for visitors.

Be it a run around an entire lake around which a city (Bled, Slovenia) lay or a specialized route planned by a hotel itself (The Westin, Zagreb, Croatia) , my runs have helped me explore the numerous towns I was traveling to during my summer break. It led me to seeing these places from a very unique point of view, one I probably would’ve missed out on through the typical touristy versions of sightseeing.

New PBs, even a podium!

On day 72 of the challenge, I ran South Mumbai’s first ever Monsoon Marathon, The Worli 10k Monsoon Run, and to my surprise or maybe not, due to the constant 100 days running, I placed 1st in the Women’s category, setting myself a new PB too.

On the whole it’s been one hell of an experience and along the way I’ve come across a number of people who’ve wanted to join me on my run or say I’ve motivated them to start running too!

Lastly a huge Thank You to @adidasrunnersin and @fitgirl.india for introducing me to this challenge! It’s been one hell of a journey, one I’m truly proud of!

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