The 100 Days of Running challenge has been a great experience. From the super chilly climate in the hills at the Ooty Heritage Run, to the hot and humid track in the night slot of the IDBI Mumbai Stadium Run, and heavy downpour at Tarblazer in BKC, running has truly pitted me against the elements, and taught me to endure and come out stronger.

I generally like trying out events at different venues, to be challenged on different routes and terrains. But the 100 days challenge made me step out even during regular runs to explore in and around the city. From sea-facing Marine Drive, to the Badlapur highway, and the salt pans in Bhandup, I made a conscious effort to run in new places, and bring in some variety in the daily runs.

The best part of the challenge was that it set a minimum daily requirement of 2 kms, thereby ensuring that other workouts were not compromised. On days of strength training, stretching, core work and other workouts, I could run 2 kms to make up the bare minimum mileage and stay injury free. I even did dance shows and managed the daily rehearsals along with my running, since I could do 2 kms on these days and still stay in the challenge, without affecting dance practice. All in all, it’s been a great 80 days so far.