Hi!!! I am Dharmesh C. Shah, a resident from Ghatkopar West, Mumbai. I have completed my 80 days of injury free runs, with 438 Kms so far, which I never dreamt of ever doing. I started running to lose weight. I started running on 2016 April @Bandra with the first launch of IDBI FEDERAL MUMBAI HALF MARATHON and my first launch too! Since then every 20 days they had their promo runs and I used to run without any practice, just a mad runner without any knowledge. Then, I joined few 10 km races, again, no training.

After finishing around 3-4 10km races I came to know there is training to be done for any type of runs HM, FM and Ultras. I started traveling to Marine Lines from Ghatkopar on Sunday for Adidas Runners Mumbai training runs by Fitgirl India. I then joined NRC MUMBAI and used to travel to Bandra on Wednesday / Marine Lines on Saturday. Everyone who knew me said you are insane to travel for practice to different places 🙂

Now, I run 10Km at 60 minutes, compared to my last years 10km time of 78 minutes. I was 100 Kg and now I am 84 Kg. I am happy to run on roads & trails both. At Adidas Sessions we pledged to run the 100 Days Challenge and that was my turning point. Thanks to this initiative of 💯 days challenge my daily routine has totally changed now. Making the day energetic, like waking up early regularly, warm up exercises to keep ourselves fit, a daily run, a healthy breakfast, timely lunch, early dinner and to bed early to rise early next day …

This event has really changed my lifestyle and transformed by life. As I was a lazy person, it was late sleeping in nights and mornings were never early for me, mostly later than 9am. I now believe in myself and in Discipline, Dedication, Devotion, Hard work.

Lastly most inspiring / motivating line: Impossible is nothing!