Here’s an inspiring story from 100 day participant Manmeet Kapoor. From having a bad heart condition to becoming what he is today, a happy and motivated runner, its been an amazing journey. Check it out below in his own words.
I suffered an heart attack in 2014 at an early age of 33 years, with an artery being 100% blocked and other two were having 40% and 50% of blockages. I had undergone an angioplasty and was fixed a stent to open up the blockage.
At that time it seemed to me that life is finished as I was unable to perform any physical task. Physiologically also I was very weak.
Slowly, I started to walk and tried to rebuild my strength. But my biggest drawback was that i always use to have a very low HDL (good cholesterol, which protects our heart). It was always around 21-22. I tried many medicines and advises of doctors but nothing worked.
In 2016 I heard this 100 Days Of Running challenge. I got myself registered for that and successfully ran all 100 days. It was quite motivating and helped me to attain a habit of running. At the end of this challenge I got my blood sample tested and to my surprise my HDL increased to 39. What medicines and doctors were unable to do, 100 Days Of Running did to me. I had maintained the habit of running till date and have registered for 2017 edition also. Lets see what transformation will be done in the body this year.