This blog post is written by Sonia Juneja, a runner from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Sonia started taking running seriously with the start of the 2016 edition of 100 Days of Running, and within an year, she has progressed from doing 2 km to running 50 kms. A perfect inspiration for anyone who is just starting with running.

Last season I took up 100 Days of running which was from 29 April- 8th August 2016. Before the start of 100 days, I was not sure about whether I would be able to live up to this challenge as I could barely walk 200 meters. Anyhow I gathered strength and registered myself for 100 days.

At the start of the event I just managed to run 2 kms everyday. Initially I used to go for run and do 2 kms and come back. All participants posted their run data on 100 days website and Facebook. We used to follow all athletes on Strava. This kept us motivated and we tried to push more.

Slowly  friends of 100 days pushed each other to do more and i did 4 kms first time and was so happy. And then this distance increased from 2 km to 4-5-8-10-12-18 km. Be it summer, rainy season or female cycle issues – 100 days kept me motivated to run consistently all days. It was super fun getting connected with all the 100 day participants, following them and getting inspired. Yes this is the key to any beginner, “One needs to stay inspired and motivated during the challenge”.

I did my first Half Marathon (Night) just a month after completion of 100 days challenge. This was the gift to myself and i owe it to 100 days – it is a dream come true. The journey of healthy lifestyle continued from there. Running became a daily routine for me. Inspired by 100 days, I then joined running group -ADR (Amdavad Distance Runners) in our city. We starting enjoying long runs with group.

Between April 2016 sine the start of 2016 edition of 100 days, and April 2017, I have done 5 half marathons, trails Runs, 10K runs, a 6 hours Stadium Run (34 kms), and a 50 Kms SPRR Night Run (Sardar Patel Ring Road- Ahmedabad city). I still don’t believe how I have improved so much, where I could barely run 2Kms and recently did 50Kms in a day.

I have reduced weight by 9 kgs, my hypothyroidism is within range and medicine is reduced. I do not fear distance anymore. I have regained my strength which I lost in past years while juggling the day-to-day chores. 100 Days Of Running converted me from “fat to fit”. I owe this healthy lifestyle to 100 Days Of Running.

I even added cycling to my kitty – have done 60kms once.

I dream to participate in the half Ironman – Chennai  Triathlon event.

I even wish to run full marathon in SCMM in coming season.

Lastly I would like to add – it is very important to run injury free. So message to beginners is – go slow and stay Consistent. Take proper nutrients and do not hesitate to consult or take advice from fellow runners who are experienced in this.

I was been inspired by many, and now I wish to reciprocate. I have taken a challenge on myself to make at least 5 (and more) people ready to run 100 Days and they take it up as a lifestyle ahead. I have already initiated it, in my office and in my community. If I am able to inspire others by this message, I would feel I have run some more 100 days.

Cheers and Happy Running 🙂