We came to know recently that many kids from a popular running group in Chandigarh, ‘The Run Club’, had registered for the 2017 edition. We decided to check out with group founder and leader Paveela Prashar Bali about the kids. Paveela shared the enthusiasm which the kids have for 100 days.

100 Days Of Running challenge has revolutionized the way people look at running . Last year about 20 runners from the run club took part in this challenge and this year we have about 70 of us taking up the challenge and still counting.

But the most wonderful thing is that we have 8 children from club taking part in this challenge. 13 year old twins Ananya and Aliya, 5 year old Samreen and 9 year old Aahana, 11 year old Tanmay and 17 year old Nimit, 11 year old Vidhita and 14 year of Nikhar . It is so heartening to see these kids take up this challenge and it’s not a easy one for these kids who have to cope up with so much of school and extracurricular activities.

If these little ones can take up this challenge on the asking of their mothers , I think we have hope of a healthy and happy future . I am hopeful next year many more mothers will register their children . .. I’m sure many more of you who are still deciding between yes or no.

I say DO IT … it will change you!

Apart from a mood boost, it has positive physical effects on the human body. And as Bruce Springsteen rightly sang ” We were born to run”
Yes any one run!! If you can walk you can run …