Meet Harminder Singh, the poster boy for#100DaysOfRunning. He started the first 100 days with our 2015 edition, and he hasn’t missed a day since! 700 straight days of running and counting. During this period, we have seen Harminder improve leaps and bounds.

From doing a sub 4 SCMM to running 78km at one of the toughest runs around in India, the Garhwal Runs, Harminder continues to pursue his passion for running. And of course, he has a full time job, family and kid, if you were wondering . Harminder shared his story with us. Pretty amazing story, check it out!

I started running in 2009 just as a 10-minute warm-up before doing the exercises in gym to keep myself fit. I always liked to test my physical limits and in running – how fast I could run and how long I could sustain myself. I started testing myself on treadmill and trying to log as much distance as possible in those 10 minutes. Speed-test done! For Distance-test I had to go out and run around. I started running on road but managed only 3-8 runs in whole month. I did participate in 3 HM’s with best time of 2:14:22 in November’14 whereas my first HM was 2:24:22 in March’14.

700 days ago, I was searching for ways to be much regular in running. I knew that to improve I need to go out for more practice runs and to increase my average run count per month, but how to get that push. A couple of days before start of 1st #100DaysOfRunning challenge in 2015 I get to know of it via Facebook. Like anyone might think at that time, I also didn’t know that I’ll be able to run daily for 100 days but that makes it a challenge and I accepted that challenge. Even if not completed, I was sure that it’ll do something good to me. I wanted to be regular in running and one can’t be more regular than running once everyday. So this challenge’s rule were completely in-line with my personal wish to improve my running.

That was the day I started and its 701st day that I’ve managed yesterday with a minimum of 2 kms everyday. In fact, I have achieved an average of more than 5.3 kms-per-day with total distance covered 3737 kms. And managing a distance of atleast 100 kms for 23rd straight month. ADHM’16 in 1:45, SCMM’17 with 3:58, Garhwal Runs of 76kms in 11:20, I can’t imagine them without being a regular runner and of course it all started with this challenge.

The biggest gift of this challenge is meeting awesome runners. Each runner, their running story, motivates and tells you that you can also dream and work on it to make it reality. It might take months or years but you can always make an attempt to try even half of it.

#100DaysOfRunning not only made me a regular runner but also a strong and confident runner. It helped me to know more about my body and how it takes the strenuous task of running everyday. When not feeling like running I do not over-run and just do the minimum required distance. I set myself a target of 500 kms in 1st edition and was able to do more than that. Second edition was more concentrated on speed work so did less distance but faster. For this edition am still deciding on what target to set for myself. Setting an individual target for these 100 days is always helpful and keeps myself motivated.

Thank you Tanvir for carving out this challenge and helping me to be a better runner than before.

I wish all the best to every participant of 3rd edition of #100DaysOfRunning. Just go out and enjoy these life changing challenge. Pre-plan your runs, just take out a minimum of 15 minutes out of 24 hours for yourself and it’ll surely take the better person out of you.