Dear Runners,

Registrations for the 3rd edition of 100 Days of Running are now open. Be part of this exciting but challenging event which demands that you run a distance of at least 2 km everyday, for 100 straight days. With a little determination, something which is achievable by almost all of us, young or old, lean or obese, regular runners, or beginners who are new to running.

Register for the event now at: If you have already filled up the pre-registration form, you are still required to complete the registration formalities using the above link to register for this year’s event.

Learn more about the event, how running 100 days benefits us, what are the challenges you are expected to face when running for 100 days, and the rules of the event on the event website. Read about how running 100 days transformed the lives of some of the participants in our blogs, and get inspired by their amazing stories.

The 2016 edition set new benchmarks for the event, with 1,119 registered participants from all across India as well as from around the world. 209 of those participants went on to run all 100 days, an achievement which is perhaps the biggest such feat in the world.

For 2017, as organizers, we have set a big goal. Goal to cover, together as a group, the distance between our planet and moon (and perhaps back as well) as part of 100 Days of Running. That distance is a mind-boggling 3,84,400 km. In 2016, together we covered 2,29,150 km, and we are confident we are going to achieve our 2017 goals.

Team 100 Days of Running