Mohit Dayiha is a software engineer and works at Ericsson. He shares is personal experiences with the 100 days of running challenge.

One hundred days ago I joined a running group (Ericsson Runners) on WhatsApp. I found the people in this group very motivated, continually posting items about new running events. One day, a runner posted an event called ‘The #100DaysOfRunning Challenge’. In this challenge people had to run 2kms every day. I became so intrigued by this that I asked myself, ‘Should I go for it or not’? Well, the answer came back, ‘Let’s Run!’

Today is my 90th run. In the last 90 days I have learned a great many things, but the most important thing is the value of ‘Consistency’.

Let me give you an example of what I have learned. One day I wasn’t able to run in the morning as I usually do. So I decided to run in the evening to fulfill my commitment to The Challenge and more importantly the commitment to myself. However, that evening a guest arrived and I was unable to run. Instead I went to the park around 11 or 11:30 and completed my 2km run. I carried through on my commitment.

Running has indeed given me many things which I have always wanted to achieve, but never found possible: (eg) I can now do single-handed push-ups and a hand stand (LOL). I have a flatter stomach. I have become a better cricketer. I wake up earlier in the morning (before 4:30 a.m.). Study harder and more diligently (learning about new IT technologies – a great advantage as I am a software engineer).

Now I have a better life and I know that I can achieve anything. I just needed one thing: Consistency. I gained this insight through running.

So, thank you ‘Ericsson Runners’ Group and The 100DaysOfRunning team. Tomorrow is my 91st run and I now have confidence that I will complete my 100th run successfully.