This post is contributed by Sunaina Ravindra, an engineering graduate with a masters in marketing. Sunaina worked as an advertising professional for over 4 years, but chose the path less traveled as she discovered her passion in fitness. 

The Next Milestone

The world is reducing into a dot. The thought people have, the work we do, the food we eat, the rules and routine in life have become too operational. It’s high time we explored beyond these limitations. It is high time we broke the rules, obviously for the good. We are born, we go to school and college, work, get married and move into family life, retire and relax. But look around you. There is so much that needs attention so much that needs change. If we sit around complaining about it and feel one person can’t bring about change, then you are wrong. Instead, if each of us put our own effort and bring about the least change we can, then that will bring about a global revolution. Like they say…it is droplets of water that makes an ocean.

50th day of the challenge

These were the thoughts that was running through my head when I took up the 100 days challenge. It is not that we will be rewarded at the end of 100 days, not that we are being monitored, not that we will be is sheer will to run every day, be truthful with our reports and in turn inspire and motivate atleast one more person to shift to a healthier lifestyle. Today was my 50th day of the challenge, and initially did not have any plans of doing something extra ordinary. But then what is life without a little zing to it right? 😛

So, yeah I decided to do my run on the 50th day with these 2 tigers! 🙂 One, Umang Kamra, who has been a podium finisher in a couple of 100 km runs and is heading for the marathon in Greece this year and the other, Anand, who has also successfully completed and won a couple of marathons and has done the Chicago marathon twice. Here I am who is just an amateur runner for about 3 – 4 years now, not that I am bad (Bragging: P).

Run Forrest run! I am not kidding, but these were the words ringing in my head the previous day of this run.

Being a resident of Mysore, Chamundi Hills would be the best and the most ideal location for an epic run like this. We did an uphill of the Chamundi, though I was lagging back a bit, it did not matter. Ran down the stairs halfway and took up road downhill again till the start point. These guys were concerned enough to ensure I was not out of sight because it is definitely not safe running on the hills on a Saturday morning with traffic and tourists. My legs were sore, but it was that sheer determination to complete any task I take up, to the best of my capability. The pain is what I enjoy the most at the end of the run and the desire to run more and better the next day. Thanks to all for the support & inspiration & motivation!!!

Cheers to running & cheers to a healthy lifestyle! Like I always say…Don’t ask me WHY, ask yourself WHY DON’T YOU RUN??? 🙂