This blog post is written by Sonia Juneja, a runner from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Sonia talks about her fear of running, and how she overcame it by taking small steps.

The only thing standing between me and my dream was FEAR. Two years back when I started brisk walking, I feared I won’t be able to walk and used to sit back after walking some 100 to 500 meters. It used to result in heavy breathing, due to my missing inner strength.


Sedentary lifestyle, struggling between the personal and professional life, immune system declining due to issues like herpes, urticaria (severe food, environment and drugs allergy), psoriasis, thyroid – was leading me slowly towards depression.  I still pushed each day, while facing the stiffness in body due to hypothyroidism.


One day I could walk a Km and the next day I had to struggle for the same.. this is how I started with walk and then initiated running intervals of 100, 200 meters… The day I managed running 2Km nonstop, I posted on Facebook to express my happy self 🙂 But this didn’t mean I could run all days!… Still struggled with the lack of initiation, the determination and the fear. Would I be able to run?


I started dreaming about myself running, followed runners on Facebook, liked running pages by prioritizing  news feed preferences related to running and read them day and night. I had created a bookmark folder name “Run Sonia Run” in my Chrome browser where I bookmark all the important pages related to running and fitness. During office meeting someone got to see it and asked what’s this “Run Sonia Run” to which I smiled and answered it’s a dream folder  🙂 — So this how I nourished my dreams.


To bring my dreams into action, I participated in first 5K (4th Jan 2015), 7K (15th Feb 2015), 10K (25th Oct 2015 Pinkathon, 3rd Jan 2016(BSafal), 7th Feb 2016(TCS) and 7K (31st Jan 2016) for self-motivation. Ran the latter two 10K runs at a very slow pace (timings: 1:32 and 1:24) but I FINISHED it running nonstop. Got severe pain in my right knee post above runs and was not able to come back for almost 1.5  months.


Despite the above facts,  my body and mind were still not ready for disciplined run, and I came across 100 Days Of Running challenge. This missing determination, was truly fulfilled by 100 Days Of Running challenge and it was the FEAR shoo-off. I’m now happily running each day for 100 Days – consistently. It has transformed me into a very different personality.


I once dreamt to run Half Marathon and now gaining strength to achieve one after accepting the 100 Days Of Running challenge. From 100 meters to 100Kms for 100 Days Of Running to running my first ever 21K in my city in Ahmedabad on my birthday 9th Sept ( D2D -21K– 11th Sept). This is THE BIRTHDAY GIFT I want to give to myself.

#100DaysOfRunning  – Turning DREAMS TO ACTION

Cheers and Happy Running!!!