This post is contributed by Sunaina Ravindra, an engineering graduate with a masters in marketing. Sunaina worked as an advertising professional for over 4 years, but chose the path less traveled as she discovered her passion in fitness. Sunaina is proud to call herself a runner, is a trained Hatha yoga professional and an enthusiast for any physical challenge.

Running & Me


What started off as a means to lose weight, turned out to be an addiction. Something as simple as running has transformed my life to such an extent, that it is now a profession for me.

Throughout my school and college days I was an active person involved in a lot of sports activities. But like the rest of you, it became a hindrance once I started working. From being a person who used to hit the gym everyday to no physical activity at all, started creating problems for me mentally as well as physically. That is when I started waking up really early to accommodate my exercise regime in my routine, which again hampered my health as I was compromising on my sleep.


With absolutely no training, I woke up one Sunday morning and decided to participate in a 5km run. Since I had no background of timings and other details, at the end of the run I was happy to go back home with a pretty looking medal and a smiling face and a sense of accomplishment. And that was the start to this crazy addiction of mine! It has reached such an extent now that sometimes I am left at home, with the assumption that I will reach the destination anyway, as I can RUN. LOL!


I started participating in almost all the runs possible in and around Bangalore as that was where I was working. It moved from 5 km to 10 km to half marathons and then to ultra runs which exceeded 50 km. Recently, did a promotional run as a part of an awareness for health from Maddur to Mysore, which was around 80 kms. These runs not only helped me lose weight and tone up, but added much more to my personality. I realized my true potential, my confidence level increased, I started understanding my body’s capability and made me a stronger person mentally.


To be involved in all these runs, I also became a part of a lot of running groups and interaction with loads of people also helped me understand different styles of running and my performance also improved. It went on to winning a few medals as well and that is when I decided to call it quits to my advertising profession and made up my mind to start something on my own on the lines of fitness. Also, being a yoga professional, helped me immensely in my running and my breathing. Met a lot of barefoot runners along the way and now I even do some barefoot running, which connects me to the earth and the world more. I have started to understand the value of life now and am glad I am I started running.

In fact, I am proud to share that a couple of people have also been inspired to start exercising and running because of me, which makes me an even more responsible citizen. This 100 days running challenge excited me nevertheless and am doing a minimum of 8km everyday to achieve this target. God willing and with all wishes from the universe, I hope to achieve this and be a part of each one of you in this challenge.

My motto in life is “Stay Fit, Stay Healthy and Stay Happy!” 🙂 You have just one life!!! So, guys..all I am saying is…okay, let me stop with this gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan…….just RUN! 😛

If at all running affects you, it will be on a positive note! 😀