Dr Pallavi Aga, a runner from Lucknow, and now part of the Lucknow Gazelles running group, shares her story of her transformation from having a sedentary lifestyle, into an active and fit one.


Dr. Pallavi Aga (center)

Circa 2013 : an overweight middle aged woman just diagnosed with hypertension , having lots of professional problems and on the brink of depression decides to start walking . She is not a morning person, yet makes an attempt to wake up to take the first step towards health. And when determination is strong, the universe conspires too. She meets a group of women younger than her who motivate her to start running. Initially the first 100 steps are hell for her. But slowly and steadily she improves, goes on a strict diet looses her weight inches by inches, pound by pound.


Cut to Circa 2016 … 10 km seems to be easy … this time she plans to run the half marathon. She’s a completely changed woman, having broken the shackles of disease and weight which used to hold her down . She’s seen running in the morning with a smile on her face and a song in her heart, motivating others to run or at least walk. Foam rolling and strength training are her new hobbies. This journey has made her a new person and in the process she met wonderful people who loved and encouraged her.


Today she stands healthy and confident to take on whatever challenge comes her way; this is the magic of running. So she’s in whole heartedly with the 100 days of running because she knows running is living. She will do that 2 k everyday, even more because that’s how it’s meant to be.


With the running group, Lucknow Gazelles