Some wonderful advice from a very experienced runner from Delhi NCR, and a Comrades Marathon finisher,Β Rashmi Mohanty, on how to handle 100 days of daily running. Worth reading for all participants.

After a 20 hour day yesterday which included work and travel time and a morning 5k thrown in, stepped out again today for my daily dose of running !!!

Few tips for the intermediate and beginners-
1. Keep it simple initially – don’t mix up speed and distance. Focus on making sure that you are disciplined about the daily run and forget about going long or fast.
2. Take adequate rest – switch off the idiot box early and get an extra hour of sleep.
3. Stretch, Stretch, Stretch – if needed ice and get a massage. Your body is not used to such pounding and initially you need to do all that you can to support it
4. If you are training for a race – my suggestion would be to focus on that but if you still want to participate here then adjust your training. On the rest days do the minimum 2k and that too slow.
5. For the others since there are no rest days- make sure you don’t get greedy and give yourself 2-3 days per week of just the minimum 2k distance. Remember initially it’s all about becoming consistent and staying injury free.
6. Any niggles – STOP!!!! These 100 days are not the end of your running life. Get an expert advice if you feel any pain.
7. Hydrate – especially in this weather make sure you hydrate during the day as well.
8. Diet – I am not going to tell you to start having a protein shake πŸ™‚Β but have a well balanced diet and if you want to increase the protein intake increase your intake of paneer, lentils etc.

This is not a race but there is a winner – anyone who can successfully keep up the discipline of a daily run !! Basically move his / her a$$ everyday with no excuses !!!! Good luck !!!