Dear All

The first 3 days of the #100DaysOfRunning challenge are done, and this is a good time to remind all of you to please record your daily run data on the event website. Till now, we have seen data submitted by 559 participants, so there are plenty of you who have NOT submitted data. Here are the important points to remember about that.

Daily data for your runs has to be posted on event website. You may post on Facebook, but posting on website is mandatory.

(1) Enter daily run data at:

(2) Participant run reports:

(3) City wise participant list:

(4) Strava group (optional):

(5) To correct data for any day in case entered incorrectly for any day, just submit data again for that day with right information.

(6) Make sure you enter run data for a day within 7 days of the run. After that, data will not be allowed to be entered for that date.

In case of any issues, send an email to info@

Leaderboard Day 3

Its been just 3 days, but already participants have started to crank out some serious mileage. Here’s the leaderboard. Note, there are no prizes for the biggest mileage. Run safely and within your limits.

  1. Amit Chaudhary  72.64   3
  2. Sanjiv Chaudhary        55.40   3
  3. Saru Saraf      54.00   3
  4. Chirag Dedania  42.20   2
  5. Arjun Joshi     41.46   3
  6. Nischint Katoch 40.40   2
  7. Upkar Guleria   40.30   2
  8. Coolest Jeet    40.19   3
  9. Manikandan Seenichamy   39.43   3
  10. Swaminathan Srinivasan  37.81   3

Team #100DaysOfRunning